Chik Baraik


Amongst several tribes that have settled down in quite a large number, the name of these Chik Baraik tribes needs due emphasis. In fact these Chik Baraik is famous as one of the scheduled tribes, mainly found in the rural areas of the districts of the Bihar state. Anthropologists claim that these Chik Baraik tribes belong to the `proto-anstraloid racial stock and speaks Mundari, Hindi and Sadani languages. `.


Unlike many of the tribal communities that reside here, there is no separate village found for these Chik Baraik tribes. Because of their affectionate and friendly nature, they share space with few of the other tribes of the region.  They reside with other castes and tribes in the same villages of the Chik Baraik tribes. Like several tribes, namely, karmali, Lohara and Mahli, Chik Baraik are famous as artisan tribe. They mainly involve in the occupation of creating cotton threads and clothes. As far as the languages are concerned, these Chik Baraik tribes speak in several languages including   Mundari, sadani and hindi



 To sustain the livelihood, most of these Chik Baraik tribes have undertaken the jobs of weavers, bird trappers. Quite a handful of tribes have adapted to the profession of agriculturists and daily laborers. Apart from that, the weaving is one of the customary professions that these Chik Baraik tribes have adapted. Both males and females have been busy in performing these works from the dawn to the dusk.


In order to establish better administration and control, the Chik Baraik tribes have their separate panchayat systems even of the community in which Chikbaraik tribes of the adjoining villages have taken the membership. In the meeting of community panchayat several cases related to certain issues like inter tribe marriage, adultery, rape, property division, cruel behavior and divorce etc are being handled with lots of care and concern. . The decision taken by these members of the community panchayat is conformed by all.


Just like many of the tribal communities of the whole of the Indian subcontinent, these Chik Baraik tribes too are very much pious and religious minded. Their religion is the mainly Hinduism, though certain of their native customs are nicely being blended with it. Thus these Chik Baraik tribes follow all these religious practices and norms with lots of reverence and enthusiasm. T


hey have got ardent belief in the supreme deity, better known as Sing Bonga  . Devi Mai has also been regarded as their supreme goddess. Other deities whom they believe include Gram Deo, Dhiwar Deo, Pitar Deo, Nag Deo, Bagh Deo, Burheia Dei. It is only very obvious that the festivals and fairs that are an integral part of these Chik Baraik tribes are popularly known as Sarhul, Sohrai, Karma, Nawakhani, Durga Devi puja, Phagu, Ramnawmy etc.